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Quickstart: Set up GitLab Mattermost

From a fresh install of GitLab, here's what I did:

I wanted to run GitLab Mattermost at "". I created an A record that pointed to the IP of my GitLab instance.

Per the getting started docs, I then added this line to gitlab.rb:

mattermost_external_url ''

Now, gitlab-ctl reconfigure

  • Browse to
  • Authorize GitLab to act as your SSO provider for GitLab Mattermost

What version of GitLab Mattermost do I have?

Use this snippet.

The snippet (presently) amounts to:

cd /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/mattermost/i18n
# root@bcarranza-omnibus-delta:/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/mattermost/i18n# 
/opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/chpst -e /opt/gitlab/etc/mattermost/env -P -U mattermost:mattermost -u mattermost:mattermost /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/mattermost --config=/var/opt/gitlab/mattermost/config.json version