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DAST - Dynamic Application Security Testing is a super cool feature!

Here's a sample working project:

A collection of examples that are useful for Testing authentication and DAST.

Is authentication working? Can DAST authenticate to my site?

The authentication debug output report is your BFF. It includes screenshots of what the browser saw when attempting to log in to your site!

However: the general guidance is to avoid dealing with authentication when scanning via DAST.

Consider that it is not recommended to perform DAST scans (especially authenticated scans) against production.

That means that the application should be deployed in a pre-production environment so that authenticated scans can be run against it. The pre-production environment should be configured so that authenticated DAST scans won't have adverse impacts on other elements of your infrastructure. You may wish to deploy the pre-production version of the app via GitLab CI.

However, since the app is being deployed in a pre-production environment, it is generally recommended to bypass or disable authentication for DAST in the application's pre-production environment.


  • Authentication via DAST is hard.
    • The OWASP ZAP project says "make your life easier" by bypassing or simplifying authentication.
  • There may not be much to be gained by having DAST authenticate and then crawl for sites to scan.


Let's experiment with SPAs: Single Page Applications and DAST.

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