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Get the list of pending migrations and the contents of elasticsearch.log. Address any errors so that the list of pending Elasticsearch migrations goes to 0. What you want to see is this:

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:elastic:list_pending_migrations

There are no pending migrations.

Recreating the Index

Recreating the index is the option of last resort. While you want to take other less drastic steps first, eventually you'll get to a point where recreating the index is the next best step.

It's the option of last resort in part because it takes so long to complete. This is where zero downtime reindexing is nice: the old index continues to be used while the new one is created.

Zero downtime reindexing is different than the normal reindexing method. The "normal reindexing" method is running the ย gitlab-rake gitlab:elastic:indexย command.

Elasticsearch and Opensearch

GitLab introduced support for Opensearch with 15.0 (May 2022). Prior to that, we only supported Elasticsearch.