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When thinking about artifacts, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • There are job artifacts in addition to pipeline artifacts.
  • It's a bit less common to talk about pipeline artifacts but they should be taken in to account.

Pipeline Artifacts

Docs: Pipeline Artifacts

These are not directly controlled by .gitlab-ci.yml! These are associated with test coverage visualization.

Pipeline artifacts are used by the test coverage visualization feature to collect coverage information.

You can take a look at the gitlab-org/ci-sample-projects/test-report sample project for an example.

When looking at Settings > Usage Quotas in a project, you'll see a category for Artifacts. That includes the sum of job/build artifacts and pipeline artifacts.


With ?statistics=true, you can use the get a single project API to get a bit more info about disk usage. Here's an example of that section of the output:

    "statistics": {
        "commit_count": 2,
        "storage_size": 312093,
        "repository_size": 283115,
        "wiki_size": 0,
        "lfs_objects_size": 0,
        "job_artifacts_size": 28978,
        "pipeline_artifacts_size": 0,
        "packages_size": 0,
        "snippets_size": 0,
        "uploads_size": 0