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Configs for CLI Tools

This includes dotfiles.


I borrowed this hardstatus from a kind soul on superuser:

hardstatus alwayslastline "%{b kw}%H %{r}%1` %{w}| %{g}%c %{w}| %{y}%d.%m.%Y %{w}| %{g}%l %{w}| %{-b kw}%u %-Lw%{= rW}%50> %n%f %t %{-}%+Lw%<"

It might be worth understanding more about GNU screen's hardstatus strings but having one I like is enough for now.


From this HNcomment:

  -- Show row count of last query in prompt.
  -- Gosh, why did I do it like this...? There was a reason for it and it fixes
  -- something, but I forgot what.
  select :'PROMPT1'='%/%R%x%# ' as default_prompt \gset
  \if :default_prompt
    \set PROMPT1 '(%:ROW_COUNT:)%R%# '

  \set QUIET                                    \\-- Don't print welcome message etc.
  \set HISTFILE ~/.cache/psql-history- :DBNAME  \\-- Keep history per database
  \set HISTSIZE          -1                     \\-- Infinite history
  \set HISTCONTROL       ignoredups             \\-- Don't store duplicates in history
  \set PROMPT2           '%R%# '                \\-- No database name in the line continuation prompt.
  \set COMP_KEYWORD_CASE lower                  \\-- Complete keywords to lower case.
  \pset linestyle        unicode                \\-- Nicely formatted tables.
  \pset footer           off                    \\-- Don't display "(n rows)" at the end of the table.
  \pset null             'NULL'                 \\-- Display null values as NULL
  \timing                on                     \\-- Show query timings

  \set pretty '\\pset numericlocale'            \\-- Toggle between thousands separators in numbers