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🛠️ Tools to Try

These are tools that someone else excitedly told me about. I haven't tried it yet but I want to keep track of it, for me and for you.

These are organized by when I added them to the list. I mark them done and leave notes as appropriate. - [x] watchexec - This sounds like an alternative to inotifywait. - LOVE it. - [ ] GitLab Group Member Report - [ ] - [x] Dogsheep | No need. Seems neat. - [x] I'm testing out ticker. | 🤷 It's cool but I don't actually care that much about the info it provides.
- [ ] - [x] The Logfile Navigator: lnav - [x] Testing as of January 2023 - [ ] log parser and Coroot Community Edition - [ ] Their failurepedia is really interesting! - [ ] zephyr for troubleshooting - [ ] Integrate Keycloak as an IDP with GitLab - [ ] Mostly I'm curious about pipelinestatus in this repo - [x] Simple CLI Pomodoro timer for macOS

📆 2024

Actually glab

glab issue list -F urls -R gitlab-com/support/support-pairing --assignee=@me --label=pairing::same-level

The Logfile Navigator

It's cool! It's great.

A few tricks I've picked up:

Use e/E to move between the next and previous error. Use d or D to move forward or backward 24 hours. Gold!

It's a great general purpose log analysis tool.



The toolbox has things I use and love.