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Reviewing an upgrade plan

This is a work in progress that may be useful nonetheless. This is directed at GitLab Support team members. If you get a 404: make sure you are signed in via Okta and double-check that you are a GitLab Support team member.

Quick Questions

  • How has the instance been deployed? (Omnibus, Helm, Docker)
    • Additional version-specific upgrade instructions and notes are available for Helm-based deployments.
  • Is Geo in use?
  • Is GitLab CI in use?
    • If yes, are the Runners accounted for? We recommend matching the major and minor versions of GitLab and GitLab Runner. (If you're upgrading GitLab to 15.8.Z, upgrade your Runners to 15.8.X.)

I just finished the upgrade. The commands exited successfully. How can I make sure everything is working properly?

Having users use the instance as they normally would is a great test. Before turning the instance over to the users: